ES Department Faculty and Students Attend International Con Bio Conference

Beth Kaplin, core faculty member in AUNE’s Department of Environmental Studies (ES), and eleven ES students and alumni attended the International Congress for Conservation Biology, July 21-25, in Baltimore.

Kaplin organized a symposium for the conference titled Buffer Zones and Land Use Change Around Protected Areas: Connecting Socio-economic and Ecological Systems. ES PhD student Robin Martino spoke about her dissertation research in Effects of the Buffer Zone on Seed Dispersal Processes in an African Tropical Montane Forest Protected Area, in the symposium.

Alison Ormsby, ’03, Kelly Biedenweg ’05, Lee Ann Woolery, ’06, Christine Gleason, ’10, and Susannah  Lerman, ’05, ES Department alumni, also spoke at the conference.

About 1,500 people involved in conservation biology attended the meeting, the premier international professional conference for the field.