ES Chair Michael Simpson to be EPA Plenary Speaker

Michael Simpson, chair of the AUNE’s Department of Environmental Studies, has been invited by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM) to be the plenary speaker for a conference on modeling informing decision making. The conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on February 1 and 2.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conference will gather empirical scientists, modelers, economists, social scientists and public policy experts to help ensure that model development aligns with climate-change policy design, management and decision-making needs. The conference will also connect the climate-change data producers with the climate-change data users and provide resources to stakeholders in the field. Successful case studies of intra-agency, inter-agency, academic, public and private sector systems analysis and integrated modeling for climate change impacts will be highlighted.

Michael was chosen due to the integrated modeling approach he and fellow researchers took when analyzing possible climate-change impacts on the Oyster River Basin here in New Hampshire.

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