Dr. Gargi Roysircar Led Multicultural Counseling Delegation to Brazil

Discussion at Escola de Artes Cenices e Humanidadesof the University of Sao Paulo

Discussion at Escola de Artes Cenices e Humanidades
of the University of Sao Paulo

Dr. Gargi Roysircar was the leader of a multicultural counseling delegation to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May 2011.

She was invited to lead the delegation by the People to People Ambassador Programs, founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The multicultural delegation visited psychology training programs at Escola de Artes Cenices e Humanidades, Pontificia Universidada Catolica-Sao, and Instituto Brasileiro de Medica Reabilitacao to learn about Brazilian psychological practices.

They also visited hillside shanty towns that were served by these universities’ social justice outreach and by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Two of these NGOs were Cartola Centro Cultural and Afro Reggae Cultural. Gargi was requested by her Brazilian counterparts to comment on social class, privilege and culture as these are related to therapy and its delivery.

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