Democracy School

March 23-25th

Fri 6-9pm, Sat 8:30-5pm, Sun 9-2pm
Location TBA
Keene, NH

Advocates for Community Empowerment Presents: The Daniel Pennock DEMOCRACY SCHOOL or “Why Democratic Self-Government is Impossible When Corporations Wield Constitutional Rights Against Communities to Deny the Rights of People”. This essential 16 hour intensive is for community activists, selectmen and concerned citizens who want to enact positive, fundamental protection for their communities and environment. Democracy School explores the limits of conventional regulatory organizing and offers a new organizing model that helps citizens confront the usurpation by corporations of the rights of communities, people, and the earth.

Democracy School is about supporting citizens who wish to claim their decision-making power regarding issues that affect the future of their community. Have you or others ever felt that “there’s nothing we can do” when confronting unwelcome corporate intrusions? Democracy School explores the secret history of how our “democracy” evolved and how new democracy-based organizing tools are now being effectively used in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Discover the hidden history of the United States and how, using this information, visionary communities in PA and NH have taken assertive steps to enact laws that protect their rights while stripping corporations of their illegitimate governing power. This workshop intensive leads us in a probing study of the structure of law that controls our activism and stimulates discussion around how to liberate ourselves and the communities in which we live and work.

This school will feature Ben Price, Instructor and Project Director of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and Steve Kowal and Ellen J. Hayes, Antioch graduates of the Environmental Advocacy & Organizing Program and co-founders of Advocates for Community Empowerment.