Dance Showcase Features Original Choreography

Dance/Movement Therapy

DMT Recital -Spring 2011
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Students and faculty in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling Program (DMT) performed original choreography and dance for the AUNE community April 12 in the Community Room.

Susan Loman, director of the DMT and Counseling program, said this is the tenth year for the performance. “Students like to be able to share their artistic dance life with the AUNE community,” she said.

The group also gave the same performance at the New England American Dance Therapy Association conference, held at AUNE April 9.

Titles of the pieces in the Showcase were:

Rhythm in Accord
Sit with me, Tonight as One
I am…
Earth and Us
Dakini Heart
Save the Drama for Your Mama
When Life Gives Us Lemons..
Planes, Trains & Automobiles