CROPP News: Assisted with Development and Submission of Grant Applications

The Antioch University New England Center for Research on Psychological Practice (CROPP) assisted with the development and submission of two Center for Medicaid/Medicare “Innovation” grant applications.

The first was a New Hampshire Collaborative to Improve Health grant requesting about 30 million dollars to integrate community health workers and behavioral health clinicians into federally qualified health centers throughout the state of New Hampshire. This would better serve the needs of a variety of high-risk, high-need patient populations, including those with mental health and substance abuse conditions.

The second collaboration was with Worcester Community Care Initiative writing a grant requesting about 15 million dollars. In partnership with the Multicultural Wellness Center founded by Clinical Psychology alumna Dr. Debra Maddox, this grant seeks to address mental healthcare and health disparities of minority patients in Worcester and other Massachusetts communities.

If funded, CROPP would serve as the evaluator for these projects.