Clinical Psychology Students Receive Awards and Scholarships

Theodore Austin, a PsyD student at Antioch University New England (AUNE), was awarded the eighth Gene Pekarik Memorial Award for Research on Psychological Practice from the Department of Clinical Psychology.

Austin conducted a task analytic study of metacommunication within time-limited dynamic therapy sessions in the Psychological Services Center at AUNE. He will graduate in July.

The award was founded in memory of Dr. Gene Pekarik, who directed AUNE’s Center for Research on Psychological Practice until his untimely death in 2001. The award recognizes excellence and innovation in student research.

Diversity Awards
PsyD students Barbara Lynch and Megan Louise Smith were presented with the 2011 Diversity Awards by the department. Lynch was given the award for her dissertation “Affirming Transgender Students: An Evaluation of a Rural New England College,” and Smith for her dissertation “Black Male Leaders’ Path to Success in Counseling: A Qualitative Study.”

Jonathan Daniels Scholarships
Twenty-three students from the Department of Clinical Psychology were awarded 2011 Jonathan Daniels Scholarships. The students are Abimbola Afolayan, Beth Briggs, Kaylee Curilla, Kate Randall, Allyssa Lanza, Katrin Neubacher, Keri Petrone, Margaret Podkova, Tracy Ennis, Antoinette Booth, Jamie Carroll, Beth Ketaineck and Stephanie Towns.

Incoming PsyD students receiving scholarships are Jenna Rose Flynn, Thomas Hulslander, Marie Mecodonia, Christina Minasian, Carrie Olsen, Emily Pearch, Katherine Russell, Marissa Sicley, Perrin Tellock and Avery Zdon.

The purpose of the Jonathan Daniels Scholarships, established in 2003, is to increase the racial, ethnic, cultural, international and socioeconomic diversity of the student body and to encourage service to underserved groups.