Clinical Feedback Systems Workshop with Dr. Jim Fauth

Clinical Psychology faculty member, Jim Fauth, PhD, presented Beyond Training and Models: Improving Psychotherapy Practice with Clinical Feedback Systems, a workshop offered on November 10 to practicum supervisors. This workshop focused on selecting, developing, implementing, and utilizing clinical feedback systems in clinical practice. It provided an opportunity for workshop attendees to become better acquainted with the theoretical and empirical rationale for clinical feedback systems, practical information about selecting/tailoring them to local conditions, and how to think about and use them in supervision and teaching.

Dr. Fauth directs the Center for Research on Psychological Practice (CROPP), which specializes in using Practice Based Participatory Research (PBPR) to create healthcare feedback and learning systems, thereby improving the provision of mental, behavioral, and wellness services in underserved community health settings. Since 2006, CROPP has been awarded more than 500K in grants and contracts, including projects in rural integrated care funded by NH’s Endowment for Health.