Climate Change Presentation Hits the Airwaves

Monadnock area residents on Time Warner Cable are seeing a lot of Diane Kurinsky, EdD, Associate Director of Clinical Training in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. Dr. Kurinsky recently gave a presentation to students, faculty and the public as part of Antioch University’s participation in the national Focus the Nation Initiative. Channel 8, the local programming channel for Time Warner, taped her presentation and has been running the segment frequently.

The title of Dr. Kurinsky’s presentation was Climate Change and Human Change – Making the Connection.

“While I am not an expert in the field of ecology I am a very ecologically minded person,” Kurinsky said. “I took Prochaska and DiClemente’s model from the addictions field and applied it to changing attitudes about protecting the environment.”

To change attitudes Dr. Kurinsky pointed out:

1. understand your audience and speak to their viewpoint and interests instead of trying to convince them of yours
2. listen and be non judgmental about what you are hearing
3. create positive solutions by incorporating the ideas that you hear from people into projects that everyone can participate in.