Christina Devereaux Now Blogging for Psychology Today

Christina Devereaux, assistant professor and director of clinical training in AUNE’s Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling program, has begun blogging for the Psychology Today website. Her first entry, The Dance of New Patterns: Moving Forward in a New Year: Words from a Dance/Movement Therapist, was posted January 3.  In it, she writes about how to make the new year a time for forward movement and integrating change into our lives.

Read Christina’s blog, Meaning in Motion.

In addition to her work at AUNE, Christina is an adjunct associate professor at Pratt Institute, in the Department of Creative Arts Therapy, and is on the faculty at Inspirees, a training program for dance/movement therapy in China. Christina is co-editor of the American Journal of Dance Therapy and past president of the Southern California Chapter of the American Dance Therapy association (ADTA). She served as spokesperson for the ADTA on the board of directors and on various committees. In 2008, she received the President’s Award from the ADTA.