Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) Annual Symposium Held

The environmental study department’s Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) had their annual symposium October 24.

About sixty people from various NGOs and universities (Dartmouth, Yale, UMASS, Colby College, Antioch University New England)attended including professors, graduate students, high school students, and practitioners.

Presentations ranged from human-tiger conflict and elephant conservation to top-down vs. bottom-up conservation and the role local communities can play to manage conflict.

Keynote speaker Francine Madden, executive director of Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration (HWCC) commented “What a lovely, vibrant mix of people with whom to share the day and evening.” Francine said she would be happy to be part of future collaborations and thanked all for “making the day and discussions so wonderful.”

Proceedings of the symposium are posted on the CTEC website. CTEC is currently exploring options for a special journal issue devoted to the topics presented at this symposium.

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Sarah Stoner-Duncan