AUNE’s David Sobel and Alumna Deborah Gleeson Featured on Word of Mouth

Nature preschools and forest kindergartens are coming into the limelight. David Sobel, core faculty in AUNE’s Department of Education, and alumna Deborah Gleeson, MEd ’97, were featured in an April 11 piece on  New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth.

In the article, by Melanie Plenda, Sobel talks about the development of  nature preschools.  Gleeson, co-founder of the Nature of Things, a private school in Nashua, New Hampshire, says “When you go into the real world, who cares what facts you know. You need to know how to solve problems .! and really you can’t teach that out of a book.”

AUNE will present a day-long workshop on children and nature, In Bloom, Promising Practice in Nature-Based Early Childhood,  on May 15.