AUNE’s Center for Research on Psychological Practice Joins a New $4-Million State Project

AUNE’s Center for Research on Psychological Practice (CROPP) will serve as the evaluator for a $4-million project to develop and implement a new statewide system of care for severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families in New Hampshire. CROPP had  assisted in preparing the successful federal grant application which will fund the initial implementation of the new system.

The CROPP evaluation team consists of CROPP’s director, Dr. James Fauth, and Dr. George Tremblay, faculty members in AUNE’s Department of Clinical Psychology; a half-time project manager; and several doctoral-student research assistants. The CROPP team will evaluate critical project infrastructure, performance, and outcome indicators on an ongoing basis, and feed that information back to stakeholders to learn about and improve the project over time. The evaluation project is a $172,000-per-year contract for CROPP.

CROPP, a research center launched in 1996 at AUNE, addresses emerging educational aspects of doctoral training in clinical psychology outside the usual professional-psychology curriculum.