AUNE Waldorf Education Students Perform Holiday Concert

AUNE’s main lobby echoed with holiday music on Thursday, December 16. Fourteen students in the year-round Waldorf teacher education program performed in a recorder ensemble for a brief fifteen-minute show. Students were joined by administrative coordinator Sarah Wilson and Department of Education chair, Torin Finser.

The annual event is the students’ sole annual music performance, and the culmination of the recorder portion of their Evolving Consciousness coursework. They’ve spent the first half hour of every Friday morning class learning to play the recorder — for many, their first musical experience.

“The goal is not only to learn a musical instrument, but to enliven learning,” said Torin. “Music has a way of not only drawing people together, but of finding one’s creativity, essential for a classroom teacher. Conventionally, art is seen as a subject taught in a classroom, but in Waldorf education, we see all of education as an art. The arts aren’t just a method, but an approach to learning.”

The concert’s brief fifteen-minute repertoire included music celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas as well as classical pieces.

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