AUNE Faculty are News Experts on Trends

Two of Antioch University New England’s (AUNE) faculty have been in the media this week.

David Sobel, faculty member in the Department of Education, talked with Virginia Prescott on NHPR’s Word of Mouth, on why The Hunger Games and other dystopian novels are so popular with today’s kids. He says that the attraction is because of a rising tide of hopelessness driven by climate change and other cataclysmic forces. One encouraging trend, however, is that many of the young heroes in the novels are girls, Sobel says.

Hear the interview here.

Gargi Roysircar, AUNE professor of clinical psychology, was quoted in a December 20 Keene Sentinel article about the end of times, Doubting Doomsday. She says a belief in doomsday may comfort people because they feel they are not alone in the world.

Read the Sentinel article.