AUNE Environmental Studies Professor Helps Launch Quakers in Transition

Steve Chase, Director of Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability at Antioch University New EnglandSteve Chase, director of advocacy for social justice and sustainability in AUNE’s Department of Environmental Studies, gave the keynote address at the August gathering of the New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, at Bryant University, in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

His talk, titled, “Blessed Are The Organized: How Quakers Can Help Their Local Communities Transition From Oil Dependency To A Simpler, Just, and More Resilient Way of Life,” was about involvement in the Transition Movement. Chase is co-founder of the Transition Keene Task Force in Keene, New Hampshire.

As one result, the New England Yearly Meeting’s Earthcare Ministries Committee decided to invite all Friends to consider joining the global Transition Movement. At the committee’s request, Chase and Ruah Swennerfelt of Transition Charlotte (Vermont) launched an online Quakers In Transition project.

Listen to Steve’s talk here.

A Training for Transition will be held in Dummerston, Vermont, on December 9. Find out more here.