Applied Psychology Professor Addresses Monadnock Rotary

Diane Kurinsky, EdD, associate director of clinical training, was guest speaker at the Monadnock Rotary Club. The title of her talk was “Substance Abuse in the Workplace.”

She told the business leaders that it was critical that employers have a plan in place to work with employees with an alcohol or drug abuse problem.

“Lost productivity, absenteeism, and higher health insurance claims cost US companies around $100 billion annually,” she said.

The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information states that nine percent of heavy drinkers and ten percent of drug users have missed work because of a hangover. Six percent have gone to work high or drunk in the past year.

“New Research,” she continued, “shows that social drinkers – not hard-core alcoholics or problem drinkers – are responsible for lost productivity. It is managers, not hourly employees, that most often drink during the workday.”

She pointed out that high stress, low job satisfaction, long hours or irregular shifts, and remote or irregular supervision can contribute to employees abusing drugs or alcohol.

The presentation concluded with options that employers could take if they determine that an employee has a substance abuse problem.

Diane directs the substance abuse concentration in the Clinical Mental Health Program.