Antioch University New England Creates H1N1 Flu Preparedness Plan

Read Antioch New England’s Preparedness Plan

In response local and national health advisories, Antioch University New England has developed an H1N1 flu preparedness plan.

“Keeping our students, staff, and faculty healthy this flu season is of utmost concern to us,” said Antioch New England President David Caruso. “We have done our homework and have taken steps to reduce the transmission of flu between faculty and staff. If a severe outbreak occurs, we have a plan to manage the situation.”

As a result of the preparedness plan, the campus has named a flu preparedness plan coordinator and developed a reporting system that monitors flu absenteeism. The plan also defines the university’s cancellation or closure policies and includes tactics for:

Maintaining educational and university business services if an outbreak occurs,
Communicating with staff and students,
Linking staff and students to H1N1 information, and
Enhanced housekeeping and cleaning activities.

Antioch University New England is also implementing precautionary measures including:
Informing and encouraging hand washing and respiratory etiquette,
Providing soap and hand sanitizer in all campus restrooms,
Following the Center for Disease Control guidelines, AUNE recommends that people with flu or flu-like symptoms stay home for at least 24 hours after they are fever free without the use of fever reducing medicines,
Encouraging self-identification for those with special risk factors and developing social distancing strategies to offer those individuals.

“We will continue monitor both the CDC and state recommendations regarding the H1N1 flu closely,” said President Caruso. “Our proactive steps will minimize the flu’s impact on our community.”

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