Antioch Experienced Educator Awarded Grant

Kathryn Scott, an Experienced Educator School Choice M.Ed. student and second grade teacher at the Disnard Elementary School in Claremont, New Hampshire, was granted a Walker Fund Award of $10,000.

The strict focus on reading and the time allowed for reading instruction in elementary schools has decreased the amount of science and social studies instruction in grades K-3. The increasing amount of required curriculum and the changing instructional practices have made it necessary to integrate the teaching of different subjects. The limited amount of time available forces science and social studies instruction through text only. This project will bring the hands-on science and social studies back into the K-3 curriculum using a specific model.

The funding will enable collaborative planning time for teachers, the purchase of science and social studies materials, and gathering of data to determine program effectiveness. This project will be piloted within three second-grade classrooms during the school year ’06‒07.