ANE Environmental Advocacy Program in the National Press

[The following is from a blog post by Steve Chase, director of the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program.]

Over the winter break, Antioch University’s Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program got some free media attention. In a January 1, 2008 news story on the “first in the nation” primary, a Washington Post journalist quoted EAOP instructor Abi Abrash Walton on the political situation here in New Hampshire and went on to report that she “teaches advocacy and organizing at Antioch University in Keene.” It’s a small mention, but this kind of earned media attention helps us get the word out about our one-of-a-kind environmental studies program in activist training.

Abi and I had to chuckle, however, when we learned that the EAOP was also featured in a December 27 story on the website of the extremely rightwing National Review magazine.

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