An Inconvenient Truth: Antioch Conducts Panel Discussion

In July, Antioch New England organized a panel discussion about the issues raised by Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, at the Colonial Theatre in downtown Keene. Over four hundred people attended the event, despite its being held on the last night of a two-week run.

Steve Chase, director of the Environmental Organizing and Advocacy Program, offered stirring opening remarks that have since appeared as a lead editorial in the Keene Sentinel, and, at the invitation of the film’s producers on their website, Steve was joined by Gargi Roysircar, director of the Multicultural Center, Tom Wessels, core faculty in environmental studies, and Rhett Lamb, planning director for the City of Keene and adjunct faculty member. Each member shed light on a different aspect of the film based on their particular area of expertise. After opening statements by each panel member, a lively question and answer session engaged members of the community in the discussion. This event was the first in a series aimed at building awareness and strengthening relations between ANE and the broader community.