A Kinder Holiday for Four Families, Thanks to AUNE

AUNE's Cathy Schlichting

Bekki Joki, MCVP board member; AUNE’s Cathy Schlichting and
Amy Coey, direct services coordinator for MCVP.

Four families had a happier holiday season last December, thanks to the AUNE community’s generosity and the dedication of Cathy Schlichting, student financial services specialist, who organizes AUNE’s fund-raising for Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP) through the year. Cathy recently accepted MCVP’s 2012 Outstanding Holiday Sponsor Award for AUNE, recognition of an effort that raised over $1,800, more than any other company or individual.

“Cathy is a vital part in the success of AUNE raising so much money, as she is one of the biggest organizers of the three or four different fundraisers that happen on campus throughout the year,” said Amy Coey, MCVP’s direct services coordinator. MCVP starts getting checks from AUNE in April, when most people aren’t even thinking about the holidays, Coey said. “We deeply appreciate all that Cathy and the rest of the AUNE community did to help us make Christmas possible for so many families.”

And these are the words that Cathy had for her AUNE colleagues: “For me the best part is that we all worked together to make a difference for four mothers and/or fathers and their children. If you have ever had a child look at you, ask for something trivial and have to tell them you can’t afford it, then you know what these women/men are going through. And because you were all generous with your time, your energy, your resources and yes, even your appetites, Antioch stepped up and made something wonderful happen!”