AUNE Student Headed to Qatar for UN Climate Convention

jtorres cabaJahdiel Torres-Caba, a student in Antioch University New England’s Environmental Studies department, will take part in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 18th Annual Conference of the Parties (COP18), held November 26-December 7 in Doha, Qatar.

Jahdiel will be one of just fourteen student delegates from the Sierra Club. At COP18, he’ll attend negotiation sessions and meet with representatives of the U.S. State Department and members of the U.S. Cabinet and Congress who attend.

“While attending I will serve as a spokesperson for my generation, a generation that will live to see the harsh human realities of climate change,” Jahdiel wrote in his proposal. “For at its core, climate change is a human issue with severe human consequences, if we allow it to go unchecked. It is a social justice issue because the poorest of our society ; both in United States of America and the world at large ; will bear the burden of rising sea levels, drought, and crop loss. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as individuals with opportunity, to do all we can to advocate for a solution for climate change.”