2009 Distinguished Psychologist Award Presented

Laurie GuidryThe Department of Clinical Psychology presented its Distinguished Psychologist Award this year to Dr. Laurie Guidry. Laurie, who graduated from ANE in 2000, directs an innovative, evolving statewide program for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for individuals with co-occurring chronic mental illness and problematic sexual behaviors and/or sexual offending behaviors. It has operated for nine years and is the only program like it in the country.

According to program chair Roger Peterson, Laurie created a pioneering system for working with mentally ill sex offenders for the State of Massachusetts. As part of this work, Laurie provides specialized clinical services, including assessment and treatment, consultation, program development services and staff and agency trainings, including offering practicum training opportunities for ANE students.

“She does everything and has truly created her own path,” adds Peterson. “By doing so she has vastly improved services to a much neglected, and much feared and hated group.”

After accepting the award, Laurie said that she uses all that she learned during her time at Antioch New England in her job everyday. “From direct clinical care skills, to working with systems, to consultation, to research and program development; my education at Antioch has proven both influential and invaluable to the work I do today.”

When not working with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Laurie has a private practice in which she provides forensic assessment, consultation, training, supervision and program development services for agencies and clinicians in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. She works with patients and clients with complex clinical issues and systemic complexities (legal, ethical, provider-based) and co-occurring problematic sexual behavior and/or sexual offending behavior.

She is president of the Massachusetts chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (MATSA), is co-chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Sex Offender Management (MCSOM), and presents and consults nationally. She recently published a book chapter on sex offender treatment and is working on two book projects regarding effective sexual violence prevention, assessment, treatment and risk management strategies with both impaired and non-impaired sexual abusers.