Tools and Resources

Introduction to Academic Assessment Basics

Assessment Quickies with Michele Saint-Germain (Podcast)

Protocols for Examining Student Work

The protocols below are linked to materials provided by the School Reform Initiative (SRI). SRI provides professional development to educators in collaborative learning communities. The protocols offer structured processes to support focused and productive conversations that allow faculty to build collective understanding and to drive program improvement:

Academic Assessment Tools

The following tools may be used for Academic Assessment planning and in conjunction with the Annual Program Review.

Examples of the Tools in Practice

Additional Resources

Reporting Results in Annual Program Reviews: Teaching, Learning Environment & Use of Resources (PDF)

Understanding Mission, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes (Word)

Writing Student Learning Outcomes (Word)

WASC Rubric for Assessing the Integration of Student Learning Assessment into Program Reviews (PDF)

Higher Learning Commission Handbook of Accreditation (PDF)

Examples of Direct and Indirect Evidence of Student Learning (PDF)