Use of Student Data for Academic Assessment

Academic programs at AUNE regularly engage in academic assessment. Academic assessment is defined as the systematic process of gathering and analyzing information about student learning to inform curricular decision-making and improve academic programs.

Programs may collect data from students (e.g., survey, focus group), examine course documents (e.g., coursework, portfolios, capstone projects), or analyze student academic data (e.g., scores, grades, credentials) for academic assessment. Data are used strictly for program and institutional improvement purposes. Student work may be copied as part of the academic assessment process. Any information identifying individual students will be removed from copied material. Access to these data is limited to departmental faculty, campus administrators, and accrediting agencies for the purpose of program review. Results of academic assessment are used only for program improvement and are reported in the aggregate to avoid indentifying individual students.

The academic assessment of student work is not under the purview of the AUNE Human Research Committee (HRC) because it is primarily a quality improvement process not designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. If data originally collected for academic assessment purposes were to be used for human research the researcher must seek Human Research Committee (HRC) approval.

Information about academic assessment at AUNE is available on the AUNE website at If you have any questions about the use of student data for academic assessment purposes please contact Tom Julius, AUNE Director of Academic Assessment.