Academic Assessment at AUNE

Fostering student learning is the primary purpose of academic assessment at Antioch University New England. Through the systematic process of gathering and analyzing information we use evidence of student learning to inform our decision-making processes and improve our programs.

Academic assessment is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Assessment contributes to our decision-making processes by helping us identify possible courses of action. We recognize that academic assessment functions, and influences, our institution in multiple ways. The assessment process:

  • Fosters student learning
  • Improves teaching
  • Informs decision-making
  • Develops AUNE as a learning organization
  • Systematizes and documents practice
  • Highlights quality work
  • Reports to stakeholders

The academic assessment web pages are designed to provide guidance and resources for faculty and staff, and to inform students about how student learning outcomes are assessed at the program level. The Cycle of Inquiry and Action page provides an overview of the AUNE Academic Assessment process and links to supporting documents. The Tools and Resources and Links/Bibliography pages have additional resources. We are constantly developing new resources for the website, if you have suggestions or additions please contact the Director of Academic Assessment.

The AUNE Academic Assessment Council is our institutional work group for coordination and discussion of assessment related aspects. Council members are:

Tom Julius, EdD
Director of Academic Assessment & Education Department Core Faculty

Kathi Borden, PhD
Chairperson, Department of Clinical Psychology

Joy Ackerman, PhD
Core Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies

Kevin Lyness, PhD
Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Department of Applied Psychology

Marcia Leversee, MS
Director of the Library