Applied Psychology: Curriculum

The curriculum of each program in the department is designed to train students as competent counselors and therapists, building on their personal strengths to develop strong clinical skills. Students engage in a rigorous and transformational process during which they learn about the field and find their place in it.

Coursework integrates theory and practice and the practica and internships support this integration. All courses involve hands-on learning approaches which help students to develop a view of clinical work which is both uniquely their own and rooted in a contextual framework.

Curriculum Areas

The programs in the department are each designed to prepare students for careers as Allied Mental Health Professionals. Students in each program take core departmental courses online as well as specialty courses. The core courses cover content in Ethics and Professional Orientation to each field, Psychopathology and Assessment, Social and Cultural Diversity, Human Development, and Research and Evaluation Methods. These courses are designed to have content that cuts across programs as well as discipline-specific content where needed. Each program has a series of specialization courses designed to meet educational and regulatory (e.g., licensure, accreditation) needs.

The Professional Seminar

Integration of theoretical and clinical knowledge is a focus of the Professional Seminar. The Professional Seminar is led by a faculty member who is also a practicing clinician. In the seminar, students examine the meaning of the counselor/therapist role and a variety of topics central to professional practice including legal and ethical issues and professional orientation.

Practica and Internships

At the core of all our programs is the fundamental belief that students learn clinical skills best through practice. Each of the programs in the department provides clinical experiences within closely supervised settings that are connected to the coursework completed at Antioch University New England. These opportunities offer useful service to the home community while affording students valuable work experiences.