CMHC Faculty & Professional Seminar Leaders

All CMHC students on a practicum or internship placement are enrolled in a Professional Seminar consistent with their level of training. The seminar is a vehicle for integrating practicum and internship experiences with academic learning. The professional seminar leader and the field site supervisor are partners in the training and supervision of students. Collaboration, cooperation and communication are essential to this partnership. Please utilize the contact links below to establish contact with the parties appropriate for your practicum or internship student.

CMHC Core Faculty

Barbara Andrews, Associate Professor and Director of the CMHC Program
Melissa Chickering, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Training
Catherine Lounsbury, Associate Professor and Chair, Department for Applied Psychology
Devona Stalnaker-Shofner, Assistant Professor

Two Additional Faculty Members Will Be Joining Us In The Fall!

CMHC Professional Seminar Leaders

Tina Borsa
Beth D’Arrigo-Patrick
Heather Humphrey-LeClaire
Dave Hamolsky
Amy Reynelli
Christina Thurston