Out of the Nest: Transitioning Students with ASD on to Higher Ed

A one-day workshop for parents and professionals working with individuals on the spectrum

Presented by Michaelene Cronin, JD

Getting our students with ASD off to college may be a first step in nudging them towards independence. Many of us, families and professionals, have served as the pre-frontal cortex of our student with ASD: scheduling, managing, directing, prodding, nudging, encouraging, formulating, and orchestrating everything from play groups to homework completion. But as the title of this workshop suggests, we need to prepare our students to get Out of the Nest and live independently. During our day together, we will examine the indicators for college readiness, consider the practical skills our students can develop, review the laws that support our college students with disabilities, learn tools to help students explore their own vision and plan for the transition of our students with ASD to higher education.

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For additional information and registration materials, please contact Shelley Viles, Director of Continuing Education at 603-283-2145

Day 1

9:00–9:30 Welcome and Overview
9:30-10:15 Creating a Vision: what do our students want?
10:30–12:00 Relevant laws and their implication in transition planning: Lecture, games and a case study will be used to highlight information
1:00–2:00 College readiness self quiz, parent concerns and the importance of early transition planning
2:15–3:00 Program Spectrum: examine the levels of support that colleges and universities provide
3:00-3:30 Summary and evaluation

Michaelene Cronin, JDMickey Cronin is a supervising advisor and associate professor at Landmark College in Putney, VT. She has developed and facilitated social language groups and has launched a pragmatics-based group advising model and other supports for college students with ASD. You can read about this work in the cover story of the May 2010 issue of Disability Compliance for Higher Education (Wiley, 2010). She is on the faculty of the Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate Program at Antioch University New England in Keene, NH.