ABA Certificate Program Course Sequence

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® has approved the following course sequence as meeting the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination® or the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Examination®. Applicants will have to meet additional requirements to qualify.

Course Sequence


Ethical Considerations in Behavior Analysis 1 (1 credit)
Concepts & Principles of Behavior Analysis (3 credits)


Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change (3 credits)
Behavioral Methods Lab (1 credit)


No Classes


Research Methods in Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
Intro to Autism Spectrum Disorders (1 credit)
Professional Seminar 1 (1 credit)
Internship 1 (optional, 2 credits)


Identification of Problem & Assessment (2 credits)
Ethical Considerations in Behavior Analysis 2 (1 credit)
Professional Seminar 2 (1 credit)
Internship 2 (optional, 2 credits)


ABA Interventions, Systems, & Implementation (3 credits)
Professional Seminar 3 (1 credit)
Internship 3 (optional, 2 credits)

Total Educational Requirements 21 credits
Total Clinical Credits (optional) 6 credits