Service Portfolio

ANEI can help communities in the following areas.

Educational and Service Learning Programs and Support

Children and our schools are the keystones to healthy communities.

ANEI administers a number of local and New England-based educational programs. The Monadnock Region Public Schools of Choice programs, CO-SEED, The Rachel Marshal Outdoor Learning Lab, The Horatio Colony Nature Preserve, Coastal Smart Growth, and the Wild New England Web Magazine are all educational programs designed, administered or written by ANEI.

Public Administration and Support

ANEI provides support for public administrations in a number of ways.
We run the Local Government Leadership Institute and the Selectperson Institute.
Project directors are also available as consultants or as coordinators and planners of Community Vision-To-Action forums.

Consulting Services and International Assistance

ANEI staff are also available to consult with community organizations both in the United States and abroad. Over the past 10 years, ANEI staff have provided training and facilitation for organizations from Vermont to the Czech Republic, including the U.S. National Park Service, the University of New Hampshire, A Forest for Every Classroom, local school boards and town boards, the Czech Community Vitality Team, the Baltic States, and the Women’s Rural Community Leadership Training Program for Central Europe.

As part of a contract with the Institute for Sustainable Communities, our staff has visited Romania to train nongovernmental organizations on how to facilitate large community forums. We were also invited to introduce the notions of philanthropy and volunteerism to national and civic leaders in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and helped local residents set up nonprofit community foundations, which are now serving as local political forums and as catalysts for community change.

Finally, we have consulted with the Czech Community Vitality Team as well as the Women”s Rural Community Leadership Training Program for Central Europe.

Smart Growth – Helping communities plan

ANEI is dedicated to the principles of Smart Growth and has worked on numerous projects that have helped communities take charge of their future. We believe that through a focused effort and broad community participation, a town, city, or region can plan and implement the principles of smart growth. These principles support growth that does not destroy the qualities that citizens most value in their community. Smart growth seeks to preserve traditional settlement patterns, supports a range of housing and transportation systems, supports mixed uses and a range of businesses in town and city centers, preserves important natural and historic resources, and is based upon strong citizen engagement.

Examples of our work include organizing and leading Vision-to-Action Forums and Community Profiles throughout New England, creating the New Hampshire Coastal Smart Growth Curriculum, starting the City of Keene’s Pathways Public Planning and Master Plan Development process, the NH Department of Transportation in their regional Smart Growth initiative (CTAP), and assisting the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund in sustainable economic initiatives for local communities in Northern Vermont.

Leadership Training – What makes a leader?

What makes a leader effective? At ANEI, we believe the answer lies in being able to identify community needs, then mobilize and recruit constituents who can develop creative solutions to address those needs. Through the Selectperson Institute, we give elected officials a confidential environment to hone communication skills, share experiences, and build relationships with colleagues.

And in collaboration with the Local Government Center’s Property-Liability Trust, we offer the Local Government Leadership Program, a multilevel, yearlong certification program for government managers.

Community Vision-to-Action Forums – Helping communities plan for their future

Across New England, as well as in the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, ANEI has helped dozens of communities face an increasing array of economic, environmental and social needs. We help people work together to shape the future of their communities. A Vision-to-Action Forum encourages people to sit down and talk about local issues and opportunities – and then take action. Together, citizens and elected officials are protecting rural landscapes, revitalizing downtown areas, enhancing recreational and cultural opportunities, and fostering local pride and communication. See a brief video example of the vision-to-action process.

Nonprofit Management and Governance – From incubator to independence

When people hear the term professional incubator, they generally envision a program that nurtures the development of private, for-profit start-up companies. ANEI, however, has taken the concept and turned it on its head, becoming something of an incubator for nonprofit service groups. ANEI hosted the first two years of Giving Monadnock, a program designed to increase charitable giving in New Hampshire by raising community awareness, conducting research, and offering a training to nonprofits in development and fundraising.

Over the years, ANEI staff have been active in other efforts to help nonprofits. The projects include:

  • The Institute for Nonprofit Management (managed by Antioch University New England’s Department of Management)
  • The Corporate Fund, a joint venture between twelve New Hampshire corporations and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.
  • And Vital Communities of the Upper Valley. Vital Communities is now a regional nonprofit organization based in White River Junction, VT, that works to engage citizens in community life and to foster the long-term balance of cultural, economic, environmental and social well being in their region.

ANEI Waste and Resource Management Experience: Educational and Policy Projects

Antioch New England Institute has a rich history of solid waste and resource management experience including educational and policy programs and projects. ANEI was founded in 1993 and received it’s first solid waste consulting work – helping to develop Bulgaria’s first national solid waste environmental policy – in 1994. Since that time ANEI has:

  • implemented the Waste Action Collaborative of Sullivan County USDA grant
  • provided technical assistance and training to 59 rural towns on hazardous waste disposal;
  • completed a variety of research and policy studies on solid waste/resource management, recycling and composting;
  • created three-dimensional solid waste educational exhibits and centers in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

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ANEI Waste Management Planning Policy Projects

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