CTAP: The Community Technical Assistance Program

CTAP: The Community Technical Assistance Program

Beginning in July of 2005 and ending in June of 2008, ANEI provided strategic planning assistance for the NH Department of Transportation’s, $3.5 million Community Technical Assistance Program (CTAP). CTAP provides land-use planning support and technical assistance for the 26 towns and cities affected by the anticipated widening of interstate highway I-93.

ANEI’s initial project goal was to increase awareness of land-use planning in the 26 towns. To do this, ANEI created and distributed three publications that explained growth management issues in the area. (To see these documents, click on the highlighted booklet titles above.)

Over three years, ANEI also published newsletters, provided guidance and convened large planning sessions between local communities, state agencies and nonprofit organizations. In addition, staff members drafted a five-year work plan for the region as part of the project.

The CTAP program is unique in that the NH DOT will not determine the specific types of assistance communities can receive. Rather through CTAP, the NH DOT hopes to engage local governments, local nonprofits and state government agencies in both planning the technical assistance that is needed and in providing this assistance over a five-year period. Specifically, this means that communities in the 26 towns affected have an important role in determining what type or form (within broad guidelines) of assistance they receive. Towns will also have a unique opportunity to work together with neighboring communities to plan for shared long-term needs. For more information on the Salem-Manchester I-93 project visit this NH DOT web site: www.rebuildingI93.com

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