Antioch New England Institute

Antioch New England Institute

Antioch New England Institute

Antioch New England Institute (ANEI) is a consulting and community outreach department of Antioch University New England. Working with local, state and national government agencies, ANEI promotes a vibrant and sustainable environment, economy, and society by encouraging informed civic engagement. It provides training, programs and resources to domestic and international partners in leadership development, place-based education, nonprofit management, environmental education and policy, smart growth and public administration. Additionally, members of the ANEI staff have considerable experience in project evaluation and program assessment.

Building partnerships within communities-with the objective of working together to create sustainable solutions-is at the heart of every project that ANEI undertakes. Whether the work takes place in the town meeting rooms of rural New England, the inner city schools of Boston, the changing Eastern European states, or an outdoor learning laboratory in our hometown of Keene, New Hampshire, the Institute’s activities share one goal – creating lasting, positive change through civic engagement and leadership development.

The Institute is also the home to the Center for Place-based Education (formerly the Center for Environmental Education). The center promotes community-based education programs and partnerships between students, teachers, and community members that strengthen and support student achievement, community vitality and a healthy environment.

ANEI Mission Statement


To engage people in the process of creating environmentally healthy, culturally rich, and economically strong schools and communities through leadership training, environmental education, and applied research.

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If you would like more information about Antioch New England Institute Projects, please contact us at the following address:

Antioch New England Institute
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