Give Back as an Alumni Volunteer

Alumni serve as our best ambassadors and recruiters!  Many new students tell us they first heard about our programs from a friend or colleague who graduated from this campus.  In fact, it’s one of the most frequent ways that prospective students find out about AUNE.  Your enthusiasm and passion matters!  When you talk about your classes, your faculty and your experience at AUNE, you are very likely to convince a potential student that this is the right place for them, too.  Alumni volunteers also make possible a variety of activities, programs and events for current students and other alumni.

When anyone asks me about Antioch, I always tell them how it changed my life.  My kids want to go there and I am so excited about it!  — Arlene Marcher, AP ’79

We are grateful for your continued support and want you to know how important and valuable it has been in helping others learn about and stay connected to AUNE. Our alumni are living proof of our excellence in graduate education.

I came into my position at the Community College of Vermont with a strong sense of my environmental mission. When my first former student enrolled at Antioch, I felt I was really making an impact. The tools given to me during my time at Antioch are the foundation for all I do.
— Tiffany Keune, ES ’06

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