Registration for Non-Matriculated Students

Can I take a class without enrolling in a graduate program?

Antioch University New England provides individuals the opportunity to take courses for professional development or personal growth without enrolling in a graduate program.

What courses am I eligible to take as a continuing education student?

Continuing education courses are available in education, management, psychology, and environmental studies. These courses are available on a space available basis.

Are there any requirements for continuing education students?

You submit an application through the Office of the Registrar. Your application must meet with the approval of the department chairperson. This faculty member will screen your application to see if your educational background and professional experience meet the prerequisites of the course. If approved, and space permitting, you will be admitted to the course. Some of the academic programs restrict entry to their classes to matriculated degree candidate students only (they are so marked in the course descriptions under “Restrictions”).

Continuing education students should also be aware that all matriculated students are required to have computers with Internet access. Many courses will make extensive use of Internet communication, and library services will be provided electronically. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have regular Internet access. The computing resource room at Antioch University New England’s main campus will be available to access your email account.

How do I apply for continuing education student status?

For a complete description of how to enroll as a continuing education student, please download the continuing education student application (PDF 334K).