Returning Home

Grace Periods

An F-1 student will be admitted to the United States for duration of status, noted as D/S on both Form I-94 and Form I-20. Duration of status means the period during which the student is pursuing a full course of study at an approved educational institution or engaging in authorized practical training following completion of studies, plus a 60-day grace period to prepare for departure from the United States.

If for any reason you need to leave your program before completion, and you notify the Admissions Office before withdrawing, you will have a 15-day grace period to finish up your affairs. If you withdraw without notice, there is no grace period.

Getting Ready for Departure from Antioch University New England

Before you leave Antioch University New England, make sure everything is settled and all your arrangements are made.

Stop by the Admissions Office to let the Admissions staff and members of your department at AUNE know that you are leaving. Be sure to:

  • Make arrangements for your return travel
  • Make arrangements to transport your personal belongings home and investigate custom regulations
  • Settle all of your university and personal accounts before leaving the United States. Remember to fill out a forwarding address form at the post office, so that bills or other mail may be send to you after you return home. The post office can provide change-of-address cards
  • Contact the phone company to disconnect your phone. Call the long distance carrier to be sure that all charges are paid before you leave
  • Close your bank account
  • File any pending medical claim forms before you go and pay any balance that you owe
  • Your program advisor would also welcome a good-bye call or letter so that she or he can be sure you will stay in contact
  • Complete all of your academic responsibilities
  • Pay any outstanding library fines; otherwise you will not receive your grades
  • Make arrangements with the appropriate payroll office to have your check(s) forwarded to you, if you are on the Antioch University New England payroll and do not have direct deposit. Also leave an address for that office to mail you your W-2 form next January for Income Tax Filing Purposes
  • Give a 30-day written notice to your landlord with the date that you will be vacating your apartment, if you live off-campus
  • Arrange for an apartment inspection with your landlord
  • Agree on a date to receive your security/damage deposit refund, request in writing