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The transportation system in the United States is quite different from that in most other countries. Our rail and bus systems are not as extensive as those of many other countries. Most Americans own cars, which are the most common form of transportation. However, it is quite possible to live in Keene without owning a car. For many students, especially those who live on or near campus, the most common means of transport is the bicycle.


Bicycling is popular as a sport and as a means of transportation in the U.S. Therefore, many of the bicycles for sale here are very elaborate ten-speed racing models and rugged all-terrain bicycles. If you are using your bicycle for transportation only, you may not need such an expensive model. Used bicycles are advertised in all the Keene newspapersand online in the classified section of NH Craigslist. Never send money in advance to a Craigslist seller, and exercise caution when meeting in person.


There are two taxicab companies in Keene, Ideal Taxi (603-352-1656), and Adventure Taxi (603-355-1484). You are charged according to the distance that you ride. It is customary to pay an additional 15% of the fare as a tip. Transportation to area airports is available from Thomas Transportation (603-352-5550) or Adventure Limousine (603-355-2943).

Keene Transportation System

Though you have to adhere to its schedule, not your own, you can get to most of the places you need to go by using Keene’s public transportation system. City Express buses only accept exact change or transfers. You can ask the driver for a transfer when you enter the bus. The transfer allows you to continue to ride on a second bus for free. The cost for a one-way ride is $1.00; pre-paid 10 rides are $7.50; and an unlimited monthly pass is $18.00. Bus schedules are available in the Admissions Office. You can also call The City Express and ask for route and schedule information. Information is also available online.


Owning a car is expensive and can be very troublesome due to the high cost for repairs. Other expenses include license plates, registration, insurance and fuel. Any licensed driver who is at least 25 years of age may rent a car for the day, weekend, week or month. Prices vary so you should call a number of agencies and ask about their charges.

New Hampshire State Driver’s License

You may legally drive in New Hampshire for your first sixty days if you have both a current International Driver’s permit and a valid driver’s license from your home country. After the first sixty days, you must obtain a New Hampshire license.

To get a New Hampshire license, you must go to the Motor Vehicles Division Office located at the office listed below. For more information contact the Admissions Office.

Motor Vehicle Division: 10 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305, 603.271.2371

For non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in New Hampshire, please visit the New Hampshire state Web site for further motor vehicle and licensing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the student has an International Driver License, can they automatically get a New Hampshire State Driver license?
No, they cannot. In order to obtain a New Hampshire State Driver License a student must go though the permit process. This involves taking a written test, a five-hour safety course, an eye test and a road test. In order to take the road test, you must be accompanied by a licensed NH driver.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

  • A letter from AUNE that validates your enrollment
  • Your passport and I-94 card
  • Your I-20 or DS-2019 form
  • Your Social Security card, or a letter from the Social Security Administration explaining that you have been denied a Social Security card
  • Proof of residence, such as a utility bill or a copy of your lease, which show an actual street address. A P.O. Box is not valid proof of residence.
  • If you have a valid foreign driver’s license, you also must bring a letter from an authority in your country verifying your driving record, and that your license is not under suspension or revocation, as well as your accident/violations record, if any.

Is it true that an international student has to hand over his foreign license to the Department of Motor Vehicles, if he or she applies for a New Hampshire State License?
Yes, the foreign license is surrendered after passing the New Hampshire road test.

Does the student have to get a New Hampshire State License if they have an International Driver license?
No. A person must obtain a New Hampshire State license upon becoming a resident of New Hampshire State.


  • Hannaford: West Street shopping center, Keene 357-2832
  • Shaw’s: 360 Winchester, Keene 357-6037
  • Blueberry Fields: 48 Emerald, Keene 357-5207 (organic, health food)
  • Price Chopper: 16 Ash Brook Road, Monadnock Marketplace, Keene 352-0957
  • DeMoulas Market Basket: Swanzey 352-6119
  • Adams Fish Market (fresh local fish), 30 Ashuelot Street, Keene 603-903-1122

For local fresh produce and other food items, you can shop at the Keene Farmers Market. From May 3 to October 29, they’re open from 9-2 on Tuesday through Saturdays behind the Colonial Theatre on Gilbo Avenue. Off season, they’re open from 10-2 on the first and third Saturday of every month at the Hannah Grimes Center at 25 Roxbury Street in Keene.

Consumer Goods

  • Target: 603-354-2151
  • Wal-Mart: 603-357-7200

Regional Financial Institutions

  • Bank of America 603-352-1963
  • Connecticut River Bank: 603-357-1619
  • People’s United Bank: 603-352-1600
  • Service Credit Union: 603-352-0475
  • Savings Bank of Walpole: 603-352-1822
  • TD Bank 603-354-2000
  • Citizens Bank: 603-352-5050
  • Hampshire First Bank 603-352-0674


  • Gas: NH Gas. 603-352-1230 or Keene Gas: 603-352-41340
  • Electric: Public Service of NH. 1-800-662-7764
  • Telephone: Fairpoint Communications 1-866-984-2001
  • Cable Television and Internet provider: Time Warner Cable. 603-352-6421
  • Satellite Television and Internet providers: Directv 1-888-866-3008 or Dish Network 603-352-7011

Health Care

  • Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene: 603-354-5400

For more detailed information about Keene and its surroundings, visit the Keene Chamber of Commerce.

English Classes

Please contact the following for more information on English lessons/Tutors:

The Admissions Office has a list of ESL tutors in the area.