Application Process for Master’s and Certificate Programs

Application Form and Fee

Antioch University New England encourages applicants to use a self-managed application process. Through this process, applicants gather all of the required materials and send them to Antioch University New England as a complete package. This provides applicants with control over the timely submission of transcripts, letters of recommendation, and, when required, supplementary applications.

  • Antioch University New England Application Form, including a resumé and an essay.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $50. An application submitted without a fee will not be processed.
  • One official transcript from your bachelor’s degree granting institution and all other accredited college or universities attended indicating courses taken and degree(s) earned.
  • Three letters of recommendation, preferably from persons who are, or have been, in a position to evaluate your work. The person making the recommendation needs to know you well.
  • Interview with a faculty member of the department to which you seek entry.
  • Master’s/Certificate Programs do not require the GRE or any other standardized test for admissions. We consider all of your application materials, and invite you to demonstrate your academic potential in a variety of ways.

All materials submitted become the property of Antioch University New England and are used for admissions purposes only, unless otherwise specified. No materials will be returned to the applicant or transferred to a third party. We recommend that applicants keep copies of all application materials for their own files.Fill in the application form completely. The application form, including essay and resumé, must be typed or printed clearly. Enclose the application fee payable to Antioch University New England. The application form and fee may be sent ahead of the supporting materials.

Once received, applications are acknowledged in writing by the Office of Admissions, which will also provide information about the interview process.

Supporting Materials

We recommend all applicants use a self-managed application process. Using the forms provided request that letters of recommendation be sent to you in sealed envelopes. Also request one copy of your transcripts be sent to you in sealed envelopes. After you receive all the necessary supporting materials, submit them in a large mailing envelope to Antioch University New England, Office of Admissions, 40 Avon St., Keene, NH 03431-3552.

If you choose not to self-manage your application, you may arrange to have the supporting materials sent to the Office of Admissions separately by the individuals providing recommendations and by colleges and universities providing transcripts. This process requires that you take the responsibility of checking regularly with the Office of Admissions to learn what application materials have arrived, which ones are missing, and when your application is complete.

Supplementary Application

A Supplementary Application is required for application to the Dance/Movement Therapy Program, the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, the Waldorf Teacher Education Program, and the Environmental Studies Programs.

Admission Interview

The interview is an essential part of the admissions process. It provides the faculty an opportunity to directly assess each applicant’s suitability to the work of the department and the learning environment of Antioch University New England. The interview may be with an individual or in small groups. Occasionally, applicants are asked to return for a second interview.

Interviews are scheduled after the Office of Admissions has received your application. When scheduling appointments, please keep in mind that faculty would like to review an applicant’s file before the interview. If it is not possible to come to Antioch University New England for an interview session or if personal circumstances interfere with the normal sequencing of the application process, please call the Office of Admissions so we can consider alternative arrangements.

Admissions decisions are made by a committee. We cannot give applicants specific feedback about their admissions decisions.

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