Campus Compact Presidents’ Awards

Campus Compact for New Hampshire (CCNH) is a statewide consortium of college and university presidents and private sector partners who are united in their commitment to the civic purposes of higher education. The mission is to be a catalyst to integrate community service and civic responsibility throughout the academic and student life goals of its member institutions.

Each spring Campus Compact for New Hampshire coordinates a Presidents’ Awards luncheon and awards ceremony bringing together higher education students, faculty, staff and administrators, representatives of local K-12 schools and nonprofits to celebrate and recognize community service on campuses across the state. Each year, AUNE presents the Presidents’ Leadership Award to a student or student group; the Presidents’ Leadership Award to faculty, administration or staff member; and the Presidents’ Community Partner Award to a nonprofit organization.

President Jones is pleased to announce the following Campus Compact 2015 winners for Antioch University New England: Lauren Lisembee (Presidents’ Student Leadership Award); Dr. James Fauth (Presidents’ Good Steward Award);  and The Community Kitchen (Presidents’ Community Partner Award).

About the Awards

Presidents’ Leadership Award

The President’s Leadership Award goes to an individual student or student organization that has made outstanding contributions to community service, service learning, and/or civic engagement efforts on their campus. This award is for a student or student organization that has made service an integral part of their college experience as evidenced through their contribution to the community. Recipients of this award show both a breadth and depth of involvement to a community organization or social issue and demonstrate leadership that translates into creating impact in the community.

Presidents’ Good Steward Award

The Presidents’ Good Steward Award is given to a member of the faculty, administration or staff who has contributed his or her professional expertise in service to the wider community and has significantly advanced public service on their campus. This award recognizes faculty, administrators and staff members who have created and strived towards a vision, demonstrated commitment towards student and community voice, and served as a resource for service initiatives on campus.

Presidents’ Community Partner Award

The Presidents’ Community Partner Award goes to a nonprofit organization that has enhanced the quality of life in the community in meaningful and measurable ways and engaged in the development of sustained, reciprocal partnerships with a college or university.

Award Recipients

2015 Award Recipients

Presidents’ Leadership Award: Lauren Lisembee
Presidents’ Good Steward Award: Dr. James Fauth
Presidents’ Community Partner Award:  The Community Kitchen

2014 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Nicole (Nikki) Saube
Good Steward Award: Krishni Pahl
Community Partner Award: C&S Wholesale Grocers

2013 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Jahdiel Torres-Caba
Good Steward Award: Abigail Abrash Walton
Community Partner Award: Harris Center for Conservation Education

2012 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Organizing for Social Change (fall 2011 class)
Good Steward Award: Dr. Steve Chase
Community Partner Award: Project 2020 Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene

2011 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD)
Good Steward Award: Libby McCann, PhD
Community Partner Award: Working Families Win

2010 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Jessica Skinner
Good Steward Award: Catherine Schlichting
Community Partner: Cheshire County Conservation District

2009 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Vincent Pignatiello
Good Steward Award: Gargi Roysircar
Community Partner: Monadnock Conservancy

2008 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Student Alliance
Good Steward Award: Polly Chandler
Community Partner Award: Stonewall Farm

2007 Award Recipients

Leadership Award: Sarah Gates
Good Steward Award: James Gruber
Community Partner Award: Barnes Peterson