Martha Wence Summerville, PhD, ’85

Dr. Martha SummervilleMartha Summerville is an executive consultant with extensive experience in organization design and development, human resources and education. She is president of Summerville Consulting LLC specializing in executive consultation and board development. That work often includes board retreats, board self-evaluation design and implementation, CEO performance evaluation, CEO and Executive thought partnering and an array of work related to board and executive performance.

She founded her consulting practice in 2000 upon completing her doctorate and leaving Aetna, Inc. in Hartford where she held management positions in the health business, financial services, and corporate human resources (as vice president for organization capability strategy). Prior to Aetna she held management positions in organization development and human resources in several Connecticut hospitals. Martha started her career path as a hospital and mental health chaplain. In addition, Martha was a faculty member in the Department of Organization and Management at Antioch University New England for 9 years, where she taught courses in organization development, strategic human resources, leadership and research design.

She is a skilled facilitator and consultant, comfortable with groups of any size and in any condition. She uses her writing, speaking and research capabilities to augment her work with executives, boards and work teams. Her early work as a hospital chaplain and pastoral counselor gave her experiences and skills she taps as individuals and systems meet the challenges of change.

Martha holds a B.A. in English and Religion from Guilford College, Master of Divinity from Yale University (concentration in pastoral counseling), Master of Human Services Administration from Antioch University (concentration in organization development), and a Ph.D. in Adult Learning (human resources development) from the University of Connecticut. She received the Outstanding Professional Award from the University of Connecticut’s NEAG School of Education in May, 2007.

She served on the Guilford Board of Trustees from 1999 to 2008, including 6 years as the vice chair for board development. She has returned as of October 2009. In addition, Martha is currently the founding Board Chair for the newly created Board of Trustees of Antioch University New England in Keene, NH and a member of the Antioch University Council of Board Chairs.

She is married to Dr. Jeffry W. Summerville. They live in New Haven, CT in their 1894 house they affectionately refer to as the “casa in restauro perpetuale.”