Roxy Wolfe

Roxy WolfeRoxy Wolfe’s first career was in nursing. She transitioned into psychotherapy while obtaining a Master’s degree at the University of New Hampshire.

Roxy received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 1989, and she relocated to Corvallis, Oregon, for her Residency in community mental health. As staff psychologist there, she had the opportunity to design and implement trauma treatment programs for children and adults. Now in Bethesda, Maryland, Roxy has developed an independent practice.

As a clinician, Roxy has enjoyed a variety of endeavors, including psychotherapy, psychological testing/evaluation, and volunteer work. She has focused on the psychology and treatment of trauma for about thirty years. She is a longstanding member of Physician’s for Human Rights, an organization that aids refugees from around the world.

Roxy and Jeff Wyand live in Bethesda, where she is actively involved in the leadership of their Episcopal church. They both enjoy luring-in birds by providing food, water, housing, and an array of flowers in a beautiful garden.