Jennifer A. Kramer, MS, ’04

Jennifer A. Kramer, MS, '04Jennifer attended Smith College and graduated from the University of Colorado. After graduation, she spent nearly two decades in New York. For eleven years she was travel editor at Town & Country magazine and was able to travel the world on assignment. In 1993 she left the city to move to the university town of Charlottesville, Virginia, to lead a more grounded day-to-day existence and begin the journey to redefine her life. During those years she was primarily a freelance magazine writer. Conservation was always her strongest personal interest and she was particularly interested in the Greater Yellowstone and the work of The Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

In 2001, in those dark days just after 9/11, a friend read her an item from the Antioch University New England newsletter about the founding of the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing program. Upon hearing about this new program, Jennifer set off for Antioch University New England to interview and was convinced that it was the right community to support life change. She spent the next few years studying those topics about which she most deeply cared and engaging in the Keene conservation community. In 2004 Jennifer graduated and joined the Vermont Chapter of The Nature Conservancy as Associate Director of Philanthropy. She enjoys living in Montpelier, participating in political campaigns and paddling her 12-pound, 12-foot long Hornbeck canoe.