Add a Property to the Housing List


  1. There are 2 Email fields. One is called Contact Email — this is the address at which renters should contact you. The other is at the bottom of the page and will be use to create your account or log you in.
  2. Hit the Submit button. If your listing does not submit, the page should bounce you up to a field that was not filled in correctly. Make the correction and Submit again.
  3. First-Time Submitters will receive 2 emails. One email will tell you that your submission was received. The other will tell you your account has been created. You will need to click on the long link in that email to activate your account.
  4. SAVE YOUR PASSWORD – Your email and password will be at the bottom of the email in a section called “Account Data” with a / between your email address and your password.
  5.  Repeat-Submitters – if the for recognizes your email address it will ask for your password after you hit the submit button. Type it in and hit Submit.
  6. If you have problems, contact the Housing Coordinator at 603-283-2133 or
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