Critical Skills Institutes: Level 1Keene

July 08, 2013 -July 12, 2013 9am-5pm
Antioch University New England
$750 per person ($700--team of 4 and AUNE Alumni)

The Critical Skills Classroom is a great big backpack, holding all the best practices that teachers are supposed to be doing, including:

Teaching with the Common Core
Differentiating Instruction
Adapting to Different Learning Styles/ Multiple Intelligences
Creating Student Centered Lessons
Using Formative Assessment
Teaching and Assessing with Competencies
Experiential Learning
Building Positive Classroom Cultures
Preventing Bullying and Harassment
Connecting School and Community

Level 1 Institutes examine strategies for:

  • developing the classroom as a collaborative, problem-solving community
  • using the experiential learning cycle to support student learning
  • setting and maintaining criteria for quality work
  • targeting the Critical Skills alongside the curriculum
  • turning curriculum into different types of problems to solve that provide a meaningful context for learning
  • using simple performance-based assessment tools
  • planning and structuring student exhibitions of learning
  • guiding student reflection and debriefing processes

In a Critical Skills Classroom, students are actively engaged in solving meaningful problems- but it’s more than just problem-based learning. It intentionally targets the skills and dispositions that people need to be successful after they leave school. It’s experiential. It’s collaborative. It’s the hardest work that students and teachers ever love doing because they create and they explore…and they have a lot of fun.

Graduate credit is available for this event.

For more information, please contact our office at 603-357-3122 x364 or Financial aid is available.

For more information:

Summary of the Critical Skills Classroom (PDF 94K)
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Slideshow presentation describing the Critical Skills Classroom (PDF 782K)
The Critical Skills Program
Implications of Our Approach (PDF 12K)
Level I FAQ (PDF 19K)
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