Teacher Flourishing℠ Workshop Series

Flourish –    1. To grow well.    2. To prosper.     3. To be in a period of highest
productivity, excellence, or influence.
American Heritage Dictionary

The Teacher Flourishing℠ workshops provide K-12 classroom teachers with scientifically grounded tools to enhance resilience and increase teacher energy and zest.

Increasing teacher retention, improving classroom climate and more broadly, helping to support the creation of a positive school community are additional areas of focus.

Workshop 1 – Cultivating Teacher Flourishing℠

Come explore the role of teacher flourishing in the life of the classroom.   During this interactive workshop, we will experiment with research-based skills, plan real-world applications and examine the possible impact of tending to teacher flourishing.

You will leave this one-day introductory workshop with a variety of well-researched strategies to promote flourishing and reference materials to support deeper investigation and ongoing learning.

Workshop Date: 

The workshop will be held at Antioch University – New England from 9:00-3:00. An afternoon snack will be provided. Please bring a bag lunch with drink.

Meet the Coach
Betsy NordellBetsy Nordell, a former 4th grade teacher, is the creator of the Teacher Flourishing℠ Workshop Series. Betsy has been teaching, creating programming, writing curriculum and working in schools with Open Circle at Wellesley College – WCW since 1993.

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