Project Partner: Sophia’s Hearth

The Antioch Center for School Renewal is proud to offer graduate credit in association with Sophia’s Hearth!

Today’s young children are eager for life, for exploring the world, for encountering others in a meaningful, intimate way. To support these young ones to grow into adults who have strength, enthusiasm, confidence and joy for life asks deep devotion to their care.  As teachers and parents, our gift to the growing child is to recognize and support above all his or her unfolding spirit.  We must also prepare ourselves in practical ways to meet the children who come into our lives.

Sophia’s Hearth Family Center offers three weeks of professional development courses.  Our summer faculty brings depth of experience and knowledge developed over years of caring for young children and their families, and studying the development of the child.   Our courses bring a clear emphasis upon looking at early childhood education through the lens of human development and the unfolding human spirit.  There are moments when life calls us to find a new viewpoint, to clarify our vocational commitment and personal path.  Perhaps you find yourself in such a moment.  We invite you to join us this summer for study, colleagueship, renewal, and new views.