Folk Arts for the Classroom

August 1-8, 2015

Held during Family Week at Ogontz.

The course is led by Kari Smith, adjunct faculty member in the education department at Antioch University New England.

View the syllabus for the graduate credit option.

Program Description

This is a chance for teachers to attend a week-long folk camp for people of all ages. You will observe and participate while master folklorists teach groups of children traditional dances, songs, crafts, stories and rituals. You will participate in these folk traditions at an adult level yourself and “collect” by audio-recording, interviewing, note taking and experiencing traditional activities. We will meet daily in a Teacher Seminar led by Kari Smith to reflect on your observations and experiences and to share newly-collected activities.
Kari Smith, Program Director

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Please check out the description of Family Week at Ogontz for details on the rich and varied program and staff.