Common Core

Let us help you find the opportunity in the Common CoreLiz Caserella - IL

The Common Core State Standards require teachers to do some things differently – we all know that. The big questions are which things, and how? How can we use the Common Core to shift the hard work of learning onto the students?

The Critical Skills Program can help you get from here to there – and make you a better teacher in the process. Good teachers know that the learner does the learning and the Common Core will require us to shift the hard work off of our own shoulders and on to the shoulders of our students. 

Critical Skills teachers design meaningful, problem-based lessons that make the content area reading, research, critical thinking, writing, and presentations required by the Common Core the norm in their classrooms.

Because the CSP focuses on the intentional, simultaneous targeting of content and process, it provides a vehicle by which teachers can put content in context and help students to practice the skills necessary to make the content work in real-life settings. That’s going to require us to learn to be facilitators, designing experiences that allow the kids to engage with real content while guided and supported by teachers. The Critical Skills Program teaches you how to create a classroom where students and teachers work together to create a safe, challenging learning environment – just the kind of places we’ll need to create if we’re going to meet the challenges of the Common Core. It can help you create problem-based learning experiences that improve student learning experiences and help you to become the kind of facilitative instructor you’d like to become.

For a more detailed overview, click here to read our white paper, The Critical Skills Program: A Problem Based Approach to Implementing the Common Core

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