Project Partner: Center for Mindful Inquiry

The Center for Mindful Inquiry (CMI) was founded by Claire Stanley, PhD and Jack Millett, MAT in 2007.  The Center  is dedicated to teaching the practices and principles of mindfulness to professionals.  At CMI, course participants learn how to connect with, see and understand themselves, situations, and the people in their lives with greater clarity, wisdom, and compassion.  By learning to apply mindfulness and to respond skillfully in the moment, professionals can bring benefit to themselves, to the particular situation and to all involved.

CMI offers online and face-to-face courses, consultancies, workshops for professionals who are both new to and experienced in mindfulness practices. The basis of the work is a non-sectarian approach to insight (vipassana) meditation and Buddhist philosophy, out of which all mindfulness practices grow.  All courses taught at CMI integrate study, meditation, and reflection in community as vehicles for developing wise and compassionate action in the world.

A Certificate Program in Mindfulness for Educators

The Center for Mindful Inquiry, in collaboration with Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, announces a new Certificate Program in Mindfulness for Educators beginning in January 2011.  CMI’s Certificate Program combines opportunities for educators to deepen their own mindfulness and compassion practices and to better understand current theories that connect mindfulness to models of teaching, learning and human development.

Participants may also receive up to eight graduate credits from Antioch University New England. Participants attend three study retreats at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) followed up with online coursework. In addition, two completely online courses in the spring and fall strengthen the learning community and focus on the integration of mindfulness practice and theory in the participants’ work as educators and in everyday life.  Graduate credits are given with the successful completion of each course.  The Certificate is awarded by The Center for Mindful Inquiry and is earned by the completion of all five components of the program.

Learn More about the Certificate Program in Mindfulness for Educators at CMI.